Johannes Paulsson

Johannes holds a Master of Science in Business administration from the Stockholm School of Economics SSE and was born in 1950. I have extensive experience as a management consultant (Senior Partner Consultus and Senior Partner Implement MP) and various operational roles in marketing and sales organizations (Sales Manager EF Institute Norden, Sales and Marketing Manager Svenska Finans/Handelsbanken Finans and deputy CEO Företagsfinans).

As a common thread throughout all the years as a management consultant, there has been great interest in how companies can develop competitive offerings as well as high-performance market and sales organizations.

Some examples of issues that I have experience and find interesting to work with:

  • How can the business model be sharpened?
  • Develop a competitive offer
  • Activities to increase efficiency in the market and sales work
  • Methods for controlling the sales organization
  • Design of customer processing strategies
  • How to create a business and sales culture in the company?
  • Developing the competitiveness of the “offer”

I have worked with companies of different sizes and shapes, ranging from leading global companies to small start-ups. I also have experience of running courses in sales development.

I have also had a long involvement as a teacher and lecturer at IHM Business School and am the author of the book “Ny Försäljning” together with Anders Baude.

For the past 5 years I have participated in Almi’s mentoring program for small start-ups.

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