Christian Hedborg

With extensive experience as a management consultant, entrepreneur, investor as well as various operational roles in companies. I am an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics SSE and was born in 1954 in Brussels. After first working with sales at the Swedish domestic airline Linjeflyg, and then with international marketing and project manager at ASG Transport Development, I started as a management consultant at Consultus in 1985. There I worked with business development and internationalization mainly in service producing companies. Among other things, I worked with the development of several franchise chains both in Sweden and internationally. At the end of 1994 I started the company Next Strategies with a focus on “Venture Management” i.e. help for smaller companies with expansion plans and investments in smaller companies.

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Next Strategies
Furutorpsvägen 7
181 90 Lidingö, Sweden
Tel: +46 (0)708 30 57 20