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A passion-driven company

We are “senior advisors” and want to continue to work in a slightly more flexible way and preferably in projects that we find inspiring.

After many years of working in the business world, we are convinced that we can contribute valuable experience and knowledge. We own and have owned various companies and know the processes such as developing the organization, business development, internationalization, sales efficiency, capital raising and exit.

In our work, we are open and honest. We want to add structure, challenge and at the same time be enthusiastic and a driving force.

Questions that entrepreneurs and owners of smaller companies are considering:

”We want to do business internationally”
”We want to expand but don’t know how and how will it be financed?”
”We are starting our business and need to access experience and competence”
”We need to get a better and more rewarding board work”
”We want to sell the company in a few years”

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